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Silk; beautiful, strong, luxurious, exotic, exclusive, feminine. These are some of the attributes that inspire SILK Mentoring. The interactive approach we have developed focuses on personal skills such as Confidence, Authenticity and Boundary-Setting. These skills are tied together by improving ones communication style, language and expression. Combined, they are key to being seen, heard, and understood. These skills are vital to achieving your needs and aspirations, to influencing others and making a difference.

Once you interact beyond boundaries and your pursuits go global, you will need additional professional capacities such as Boundary Setting, Negotiations and Decision Making. Our approach to helping you is intuitive and transformational. You will gain Self-Awareness, the Power of Presence and learn how to Story-tell to really make your ripple count.

We will encourage you to adjust your self-view and view of others, and you will note the effect on how you feel about yourself and how this impacts everyone around you.

Authenticity and Trustworthiness conveys strength, and you will need this to make it in today’s world! While you are carving out your space, we’ll help you ensure you do so without compromising your authentic self!

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From Our Clients

“I learned a lot of things: cherishing the things that I already have instead of hoping for the things I want to have; seeing the positive side of every situation even if it’s only a little because it can possibly change something or open a new path in my life, meeting new people I haven’t heard of makes me nervous; imagining things in my mind about how other’s personalities are like and how would they react to certain topics –  but that’s ok because everyone is different and unique in their own way. It’s was a very fun experience to meet new faces and learn topics I never expected would come in handy. It makes me treasure the smallest things that I already have in my life.”

Lana Louise Ayson Javier, 15 y.o.

SILKMentoring GIRLS's Empowerment Cycle Feb-Apr 2022

“What  if I had a higher purpose in this life? What  if I could just be myself? What  if I had no fear? What  if I could allow myself to be vulnerable? What if I was surrounded only by good people? What  if I was not alone? Going through this cycle with Russell has planted a seed in my inner self. It has made me more aware of who I really am. There are pieces of a new reality emerging within me. I am forever grateful to Russell for bring together an amazing group of women that have already enriched my life. My journey has just begun.”

Maria Virginia Barreiros Vaz


“The SILKmentoring cycle covered a lot of helpful information, that was delivered in a 5-week period. It was my very first time for doing a course on Zoom and I really did enjoy meeting so many beautiful women from all around the world.  Russell  was very clear, logical and effective. I do have to say, she and the other amazing women helped me open my mind and heart more. They also made me realize that I wasn’t alone. This course made me reach deeper, and embrace the strong, noble and amazing person that I am! Thank you Russell for making me look at life in a different way. I encourage women to join this program…Why? because YOU are worth it!!”

Eleanor Pojer

President, International Newcomers Club, Spain

Testimony from an Artist. Participating in the 10-Sunday SILKMentoring Empowerment Cycle for  Asia-Pacific was an amazing experience for me. “MY TRIBE” was made of 12 women from different backgrounds and various life experiences. I felt it was initially challenging and scary to be vulnerable around these women. I later realized that my fears were unnecessary because Russell created a non-judgmental and safe space for us to explore and address different issues and questions. Nobility is one of the core elements of the program and foundational to the empowerment process of people. I found it really interesting. I recommend this Empowerment Cycle to every woman, and I believe that many of us need it. My familial relationship with Russell did not give me preferential treatment. In fact, she encouraged more of me to emerge. I realized that I needed to refine my public speaking skills and become more patient with myself and those around me. It has been an amazing process. I have learned more about myself, my skills and capacities, and how to use these skills in the service of others. Thank You!

Olga Zehtab-Flegg

Artist, Painter and Visual Merchandiser, GUESS, Queensland, Australia

“A broken self, a broken life, a broken dream, …” – these words were in my mind and heart all the time. I did not know what to do, and I felt that my choices and principles were as insignificant as I was. SILKMentoring showed me that I am not broken. Like every other woman, I have experienced so many challenges which have made me doubt myself. I found that I am not alone, not damaged, not insignificant. My fellow participants did not judge me. They welcomed me with open arms. They allowed me to communicate in my “own” language. SILKMentoring helped me define my own values and beliefs and how to address the social spaces I am in. I feel I am a stronger version of myself – ready to take on life again. Thank you for giving me time, helping me feel sane and believing in myself again!

Sammy Joan T. Fu

Business Owner, Philippines

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