The SILKMentoring Empowerment Cycle


SILKMentoring has developed a unique women-centered empowerment cycle that can help you grow as an individual and professional.

We recommend going through at least one entire empowerment cycle, which consists of 10 sessions. To delve deeper, you can follow as many empowerment cycles as you wish since our mentoring content is not repetitive. Alternatively, we can also design a more personalized empowerment cycle focused on your most desired improvement areas.

Our empowerment cycle pivots around a positive understanding of human nature (noble and self-aware) and is grounded in a series of key feminine skills and attributes, namely wisdom, intuition, empathy and creativity.

Our learning sequence pairs two skills or attributes that necessitate, reinforce or complement each other. To be able to exhibit the Power of Presence for example, you need to have a degree of Confidence. Likewise, in order to have good Listening skills, you need have Authentic intentions. Foundational qualities in achieving Presence and demonstrating Confidence are Wisdom and Intuition.

While some skills and attitudes are other-facing, implying an interaction with and direct impact on others (external), some skills and attitudes are internal, meaning they mostly require working and focusing on yourself.

At the Core

Positive change is achievable because human nature is fundamentally noble; it enables us to see the good in ourselves and in others.

Conscious understanding of our higher nature unleashes our personal transformation process through new realizations, attitudes and skills.

Anchor Skills and Attributes

Mindful application of what is true or right (universal truths) to facilitate discovery of our own truth and putting this into action.

Trusting our understanding of something intuitively without reasoning facilitates our decision making process in personal and professional settings.

Understanding and sharing the feelings of another person helps us to create safe spaces that facilitate meaningful and transformative conversations.

Using our imagination and resourcefulness to develop solutions that address personal goals and organizational success.

Breakthrough Skills and Capacities

Power of Presence:
Developing our innate ability to project a sense of ease, poise or self-assurance before an audience aids us to command attention and inspire commitment from others.

Belief in self, our skills and competencies is something that can be learned – this will unleash our unique capabilities in both personal and professional settings.

Active listening and being in the present creates spaces for better communication between us and others.

Sharing our genuine selves with others gives them the space and belief that they can do the same.

Story Telling:
We convey valuable information in an inspiring fashion thus having a transformative impact – this makes the difference between being heard and understood versus being ignored.

Boundary Setting:
We have to understand our feelings, know and name our limits, be direct and assertive because these are key to consultation and problem solving in most, if not all personal and professional environments.

Reaching agreements in safe environments require us to use our skills, capacities and diplomacy without compromising our personal and professional boundaries and goals.

Decision Making:
We can manage conflict and stress while gathering sufficient information to arrive at a just decision by daily exposing ourselves to situations that allow us to use all our learned skills and capacities in our decision-making process.

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